Killer Genius 2

Attack of the Gym Rats

After being forced to fake her death, Kendra the Killer Genius was going to take a break from terrorizing New York’s racists, morons and bullies. But when a pair of sexual deviants armed with advanced technology and ties to the Russian mob threaten her favorite police detective, Kendra uses her special skills to wage war in the streets. The only thing higher than the tension is the body count…

5.0 out of 5 stars Must read! Part 2 was the perfect follow up to the original. Mad genius with a well thought out plan and the skills to bring it to fruition! No spoilers, so you'll just have to read it!

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Anabela Robinson
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Brookwater's curse is without a doubt the most complete and gripping novel I have read in a long time. It offers the excitement, mystery and sensuality Vampire readers seek; moments of true passion and love that romantics crave for; the witty humor that the sarcastic appreciate; all of this in a majestic flow writing and impressive detailed cultural facts.

This is a MUST read book!
E. Towner
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Brookwater's Curse is a riveting, and truly fascinating journey into history from the 1800's during the slave trade to the present with a flare that is spellbinding to its readers. A story that must and should be read by and told to young and old alike. While reading the story of Christian, I was enraged, exhilarated, and enthralled with the turn of each page (to put it simply--I didn't want to put the book down).
M. Brown
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Serial Killers, mob bosses and scum of the earth you better watch out because someone is checking that naughty list. Killer Genius 2 was the perfect follow up to SVP's brilliant Killer Genius (She Kills Because She Cares) with even more action, suspense & some tech-savvy surprises. Love, love, love it.