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“I am at a loss for words. This series was amazing” This is a MUST read book!
C. Bryant, Brooklyn, NY
Serial Killers, mob bosses and scum of the earth you better watch out because someone is checking that naughty list. Killer Genius 2 was the perfect follow up to SVP's brilliant Killer Genius (She Kills Because She Cares) with even more action, suspense & some tech-savvy surprises. Love, love, love it.
M. Brown, New York, NY
Brookwater's curse is without a doubt the most complete and gripping novel I have read in a long time. It offers the excitement, mystery and sensuality Vampire readers seek; moments of true passion and love that romantics crave for; the witty humor that the sarcastic appreciate; all of this in a majestic flow writing and impressive detailed cultural facts. I was taken by surprise with the amount of emotions evoked while reading this book: from laughter to sadness, passion and anger, all the ingredients that make LIFE real. I did not expected to see so many personal facts mirrored in a book written by some one who did not even know me: many of the stories felt like mine and I emotionally "owned" the book. After discussing the book with other readers, I found out those feelings were not exclusive to me, we were ALL touched and "cursed" by this phenomenal author's talent. This is a MUST read book!
Anabela Robinson
Brookwater's Curse is a riveting, and truly fascinating journey into history from the 1800's during the slave trade to the present with a flare that is spellbinding to its readers. A story that must and should be read by and told to young and old alike. While reading the story of Christian, I was enraged, exhilarated, and enthralled with the turn of each page (to put it simply--I didn't want to put the book down). The book's cover, is very deceiving, the content of the book goes way beyond the injustice of slavery; it also brings out the "dark" side or practices from other cultures that need some rectifying. All in all, this was a delightful book and a must read for everyone. Kudos SVP, you have a gift of writing and I look forward to your next work of art. Please visit [...] (you won't be disappointed!)
E. Towner - Texas, USA
I loved this take on the vampire genre. It's a different twist that I found fresh and fascinating. I found the storyline moved right along. Finished it before I knew it. Looking forward to the next book. This is a MUST read book!
Amazon B-Girl – Seattle, WA
SVP has done it again! Love, love, love this book. It's intense and perfects for anyone who enjoys reading. It pulls you in and keeps you going until the end. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoy a good series and sci-fi. On to volume three I go!
Cathy Bryant – Brooklyn, NY
The best yet! Waited too long for this! It's the best volume yet! Steven Van Patten really ties it up in a beautiful bow. A must-read! This is a MUST read book!
Rita Ragone – Totowa, NJ
Captivating! I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The suspense was riveting and had me constantly trying to predict the happenings. I didn’t succeed but liked being surprised by the killer.
Ed G. – Tampa, Florida
Must read! Part 2 was the perfect follow up to the original. Mad genius with a well thought out plan and the skills to bring it to fruition! No spoilers, so you'll just have to read it! This is a MUST read book!
Marie McCoy – New Orleans, LA
A rare collection of wit and horror. Good stories stay with you but the great stories contained within Hell at the Way Station will haunt you.
Andy Heidel – Brooklyn, NY
Christian Brookwater is an African american male that in the beginning of the story was a slave on a Georgia plantation. He is bought by a woman, who we later learn is a vampire and she is the one responsible for turning Christian into a vampire. Rescued by a man by the name of Caramano, whom is a vampire himself, takes Christian under his wing and teaches him all he needs to learn to control urges and the laws of the vampires. Caramano sends Christian to stay with a 400 year-old vampire Samurai who teaches him the art of war. Christian later becomes a constable or a member of the nocturnal law enforcement whose job required him to kill werewolves and other such creatures. To keep there secret safe from humans.

Later, Christian meets a human woman that he falls in love with. They have a child and raise the child together without the child ever knowing that his father is a vampire. When tragedy strikes, the happiness that Christian finally found comes to an end.

Many, many years later, Christian makes a split decision to save a creature of the night and in doing so gets involved in more than he bargained for. It is a race against time to save a little girl from the Prince werewolf. It will be a fight to the death. At the same time Christian will unveil something sinister that may have the entire vampire nation in a war.

BROOKWATER'S CURSE was a phenomenal read. It by far one of the BEST novels I have EVER read. Move over Anne Rice cause Steven Van Patten has take reign. Mr. Van Patten did an excellent job in providing the historical backdrop of the story. I loved how he even provides a history of vampires. At times I would find myself laughing from the wit and humor. I guarantee you if you enjoy books with vampires you will absolutely love this book. It is a journey unlike any you will ever experience. It will also have you vampires really exist among us? I highly recommend this novel to anyone. The cover of this book may not be eye catching BUT trust the cover accurately depicts the story that lies between the pages. So whatever you do, do not judge this book by its cover.
I remember reading about this book and hearing the Ladies of ARC talking about it. I asked Sistar Tea if I can borrow her book last year and she gave me both copies. I was ecstatic; I'm a fan of sci-fi and vampires books who would have thought right? Well, blame it on my kids who got me hooked on this genre. When I started reading it, I was very surprised about how Author Steven Van Patten develops his characters and the originality in this story was truly amazing!!

Christian Brookwater is an African American male that at the beginning of the story was a slave on a Georgia plantation. The day that Christian Brookwater was bought by a woman, who ends up being responsible for turning him into a vampire until he is rescued by Antonio Caramono.

Brookwater's Curse Vol. 1 is one of the most exhilarating, suspenseful stories I have read in such a long time!! Congrats to Author Steven Van Patten, for bringing something new to the Urban Literary Industry. I would definitely and highly recommend this book to all readers.
Urban Fire Lit.