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Productions Written by Steven Van Patten

The Burning of Black Wall Street - Tulsa, OK - Extra History

Tulsa, Oklahoma was a bright spot of hope in the middle of segregation. Through hard work, the Black community of Tulsa had created an area that prospered in a time when it was hard enough to just survive. It was so well known for its wealth, it was nicknamed Black Wall Street. And in just a few days, all 36 blocks would be absolutely destroyed.

'Naughty' by Steven Van Patten

Writer Steven Van Patten reads his Christmas horror story, 'Naughty' to an anxious audience. The story was originally published in the anthology, The Shadow Over Deathlehem.

CAUTION: You may not want your children to hear this one.

SVP's The Poker Game

The Prequel to SVP's Reluctant Hitman. A gambler gets caught cheating at cards and forces his brother to rescue him. Featuring "Everything is Going Wrong (And That's Alright), by The Reid Paley Trio. Directed by Steven Van Patten.

Reluctant Hitman

SVP's Reluctant Hitman received a facelift courtesy of some sound design engineered by the great Sal Basilone of Blue Arts Media.

SVP's The Nightmare, The Whorehouse and The Killing Spree

This is part 3 of The Reluctant Hitman series. SEND THE KIDS OUT OF THE ROOM NOW!!! After experiencing a unsettling dream, The Hitman turns on the criminals who have been blackmailing him. Starring Reid Paley in a stellar performance! Also starring Mike Kane, Michael Kilkenny and Dawn Whaley. Written, Directed and Produced by Steven Van Patten.

Being Followed

After cutting her finger on a grave stone, a young woman is followed by a shady character carrying a metal pipe.

DISCLAIMER: This short is actually written and directed by LBV collaborator, Marc Abbott. SVP does make a special cameo that we think you'll love! Wait for it!

The Rusalka

Eastern European Myths - Extra Mythology

The Easter Egg

Mary Magdalene & Ostara - Extra Mythology


A Viral Vignette Starring Maxwell Gail Jr and John Schneider

Pricolici & Strigoi

A Meet-cute From Hell - Extra Mythology

The Alps

Sleep Paralysis & Night Terrors - Extra Mythology


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