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The Rakshasa - Ravana & Vibhishana - Extra Mythology

Sometimes when the gods have overseen peace on earth for over a millennium, you need a little nap. But unfortunately, Brahma has extremely bad bed breath. So bad in fact, that it manifested as the Rakshasa, entities that were fierce and monstrous, who immediately started gnawing on Brahma. For this, they were sent to earth... where they began gnawing on humanity instead. And among them, one got a taste for the power of ruling over man: Ravana. But he also had one enemy in the form of Rama. And one day, decided to kidnap Rama's wife Sita. This is bound to go well.

Marcus Garvey - Black Moses - Extra History

Marcus Garvey is an interesting and divisive figure in civil rights history. Influenced by the writings of Booker T Washington, he pushed back against the philosophy of the NAACP and W.E.B. Du Bois. On the one hand, he was a passionate and fierce leader who unified the community and worked to fight injustice. On the other hand, he was a separatist to the core, a philosophy that led to him reaching out to the Ku Klux Klan. And that's never the best sentence to hear. But love him or hate him, there is no denying that he was extremely influential on figures like Malcolm X.

Name That Racist (From an episode of Beef, Wine & Shenanigans)

America's least favorite game show's first round.

The Harlem Numbers Racket & Stephanie St Clair - Extra History

In 1930s America, we saw the rise of a new kind of organized crime in the big cities and fewer places are bigger than New York City. And there are huge personalities in this underground, from Dutch Schultz to Luck Luciano. But Stephanie St. Clair stands out for a number of reasons. From her work with the Harlem Numbers Racket, to her refusal to back down from anyone, Stephanie St Clair truly earned the name Madam Queen.

Interview with Robert Cornegy - Candidate for Brooklyn Borough President

Democratic Conference, and New York City Council Member for the 36th District. Robert E. Cornegy is a candidate for Brooklyn Borough to replace mayoral candidate Eric Adams. Steven Van Patten addresses Brooklyn’s economical, and affordable housing issues, a follow up to the Brooklyn Borough Presidential Debate, and his accomplishments as a city council member for his district making him the best choice. @robertecornegyjr

Negro League Baseball - Breaking Baseball's Color Barrier - Extra History

Let's dig into the origins of the Negro League Baseball, a baseball league that was created all the way back in the 1880s and the two players who were so successful, they broke the segregationist wall in baseball: Josh Gibson & Satchel Paige. Gibson was an absolute legend at the bat and Paige was one of the world biggest showmen as well as best pitcher. And both would pave the way for Jackie Robinson.

The Assassination of Medgar Evers - A Hero Silenced - Extra History

Medgar Evers was, like many who came after him, a civil rights leader who was murdered for speaking up. But while he might not be as well known as Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, he's no less vital to the history of the civil rights movement and is especially noted for his work with the NAACP and tearing down segregation within schools. And his tragic death would expose how deep the corrupted root of racism went in the system, when his killer would not be brought to justice until 30 years later.

Do No Harm: Black Medical Exploitation - Why African Americans Distrust Medicine - Extra History

Doctors often run into difficulties when reaching out to communities of color and the black community in particular. Outside of the regular financial barriers to healthcare, there's a greater lack of trust & faith that the health care system is meant to help. And this skepticism has a very real and very painful history behind it. From the early days of gynecology to the Tuskegee Experiment to the eugenics laws of the 1920s and even the unacknowledged contributions of Henrietta Lacks, there is a long history of exploitation of Black Americans in the medical system. And if there's any hope of rebuilding trust, we have to first acknowledge what has been done wrong in the past... and how that still influences beliefs in the present.

Interstate Displacement - The Legacy of Robert Moses - Extra History

With minority groups denied money and loans to be able to grow the value of a property or their neighborhoods, cities began looking at minority communities as blights upon their urban landscape. Enter Robert Moses, the architect of the modern city. Moses had a plan to revitalize the urban landscape by redesigning it for the automobile. He designed lush parks and oases with the idea to make them accessible to anyone with a car, especially to the affluent folks of the suburbs. That meant highways and building projects... built right on top of already existing communities. And with the Federal Aid Highway Act, that problem spiraled out of New York and across all of America.

Black Boxing Heavyweights - Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, & Muhammad Ali - Extra History

We tend to think of sports as pure entertainment. Some people even get angry when politics makes its way into the conversation. But sports are played by people who live within systems and societies and nothing makes that clearer than the stories behind some of boxing's biggest names: Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and of course, Muhammad Ali. All three are legendary for their fights in the ring. But that's not where their struggles ended.

Redlining - Income and Housing Inequality - Extra History

Redlining has come up often in our discussions of systemic racism in the last year and a half but it's poorly understood by folks who never have had to face economic discrimination. Worse, some people believe that the effects of redlining were ended as soon as the practice was outlawed in 1968. But it isn't that simple. Redlining is an octopus with many tentacles and housing discrimination is just the beginning. We take a look at the history of redlining to understand how it impacts the present and how folks like George Morrison & Daisy Myers fought against the system.

The Harlem Renaissance - An Explosion of Art - Extra History

Art, music, film, and writing. These are the things that make life worth living. And as we talk about the importance of representation in modern media, it's worth taking a look back at one of the movements that solidified many of the American styles we take for granted today. And it started in the neighborhood of Harlem.

The Harlem Hellfighters - The 369th Infantry - Extra History

When World War 1 kicked off, black Americans were not allowed to serve in the army until a draft was implemented. Even then, the 15th infantry regiment was off to a rocky start. They were trained in a town that hated them, and delayed 3 times from making it across the sea. And when they finally did make it across the ocean, they were pushed onto the French army. But that didn't stop them from being some of the most fierce combatants in WWI. With legends like Henry Johnson, Needham Roberts, and James Reese Europe, the Hellfighters fought the longest of any US regiment without giving up any ground & without a single member captured by the enemy.

The Burning of Black Wall Street - Tulsa, OK - Extra History

Tulsa, Oklahoma was a bright spot of hope in the middle of segregation. Through hard work, the Black community of Tulsa had created an area that prospered in a time when it was hard enough to just survive. It was so well known for its wealth, it was nicknamed Black Wall Street. And in just a few days, all 36 blocks would be absolutely destroyed.

'Naughty' by Steven Van Patten

Writer Steven Van Patten reads his Christmas horror story, 'Naughty' to an anxious audience. The story was originally published in the anthology, The Shadow Over Deathlehem.

CAUTION: You may not want your children to hear this one.

SVP's The Poker Game

The Prequel to SVP's Reluctant Hitman. A gambler gets caught cheating at cards and forces his brother to rescue him. Featuring "Everything is Going Wrong (And That's Alright), by The Reid Paley Trio. Directed by Steven Van Patten.

Reluctant Hitman

SVP's Reluctant Hitman received a facelift courtesy of some sound design engineered by the great Sal Basilone of Blue Arts Media.

SVP's The Nightmare, The Whorehouse and The Killing Spree

This is part 3 of The Reluctant Hitman series. SEND THE KIDS OUT OF THE ROOM NOW!!! After experiencing a unsettling dream, The Hitman turns on the criminals who have been blackmailing him. Starring Reid Paley in a stellar performance! Also starring Mike Kane, Michael Kilkenny and Dawn Whaley. Written, Directed and Produced by Steven Van Patten.

Being Followed

After cutting her finger on a grave stone, a young woman is followed by a shady character carrying a metal pipe.

DISCLAIMER: This short is actually written and directed by LBV collaborator, Marc Abbott. SVP does make a special cameo that we think you'll love! Wait for it!

The Rusalka

Eastern European Myths - Extra Mythology

The Easter Egg

Mary Magdalene & Ostara - Extra Mythology


A Viral Vignette Starring Maxwell Gail Jr and John Schneider

Pricolici & Strigoi

A Meet-cute From Hell - Extra Mythology

The Alps

Sleep Paralysis & Night Terrors - Extra Mythology


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