Deadliest Segues!

The team goes political criticizing both Democrats and Republicans before discussing Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’! Naturally, this discussion leads to some rabbit holes BWS Style! Come along on a Fantastic Voyage! Hit PLAY now!!!

Watch Fun Movies To Forget Shitty People

Do you miss Late Night TV’s normal critique of racist, sexist, and homophobic politicians? Well, look no further! We have a no-frills, very rough, and rugged show to pull you through! And when that’s done we have positive reviews for Renfield and AntMan and The Wasp: Quantumania! Afterward, Kirk brings forth some Friend Zone wisdom. … Read more

Republicans Still Suck But Horror Movies Still Rule

Its been a while and we should not have left you! But we did, so get over it! This is a witty one, even when you are talking about stuff that isn’t even remotely funny, so let’s get cracking!! Marc, Kirk, Denise, and SVP are waiting! Jump in this cold ass water and get your … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans

Unfortunately, this episode was taped before we found out Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon got fired. Yet there is plenty of political speculation, As Marc, Kirk and SVP tackle some politics before dealing with the tearjerkers that were the Mandalorian and Picard finales!! So serious and yet so much fun!

One To Grow On

As is the case sometimes, BWS plans a fun show, then the failings of a government weakened by corruption, grift cause us to have a serious conversation about the gun laws in this country, or the lack thereof. We do shift gears to talk about Netflix sensation ‘SWARM’ eventually, so there is still some fun … Read more

Selective Shenanigans!

Today’s thrill ride starts with an in-depth discussion over Netflix’s latest offering which was the live stream of Chris Rock’s comedy special, “Selective Outrage” The team was so caught up they barely left time to talk about PICARD and the brilliant Jon Stewart who skewered an Oklahoma State Senator who is problematic to say the … Read more

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Segues

The team tackles The SAG Awards as only they can, by reintroducing a very interesting theory courtesy of our own Marc Abbott. (Hint: The shelved Batgirl movie might be affected). Then we turn serious as we discuss the East Palestine, Ohio derailment. Finally, BWS turns to something that will probably come up in weeks to … Read more

Blackity Black Black!

Kirk leads a memoriam, after which the BWS team takes on the movies ‘Beast’ and Woman King as part of a special focus on Black cinema. Kirk and Marc drop a few gems, but hey, that’s why they’re here! This one’s a thought provoker for sure!! Hit PLAY and enjoy!

Joy & Pain Episode

Who knew the BWS team would be split down the middle for the Super Bowl!? Well, after we hash that out and congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs, we get down to further analysis of ‘The Last of Us’. The final bit of info drops as Kirk takes us down a list of blatantly racist things … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans!

The team is back and we are perusing The Menu! Newsflash! We all liked it. We also do some big shout-outs, including our own Denise Tapscott to appear in 100 Black Women In Horror and SVP being nominated for ‘Author King of The Year’ in the It’s Lit Literary Awards! Anyone who feels like voting … Read more