The Ghost of Christmas Black!

Is your Christmas a dumpster fire! Well here is something to make you feel even more cynical! Beef, Wine & Shenanigans comes back with a slightly longer episode! So once you’re spending money you don’t have for people who barely appreciate you, HIT PLAY NOW!

The Wonderment Of It All!

The BWS team is at it again, dishing on the best in horror and sci fi and giving you biting social commentary so good you’ll want to slap your Republican uncle. Press PLAY now!

The Audio Is Still Better Than McCheese!

We get it off our chest tonight! We needed to let our frustrations with a certain NYC Mayor, the voters of NY, the corruption and so on! Then we talk about, Gavin Newsome his recent heroics and we ask Denise to fill in some blanks! It’s an all politics episode! Join us and forgive the … Read more

The Hulu That You Do!

The Team Is joined by heavy metal host and mental health activist Tim No. 37 Martinez. He shares his wealth of knowledge as far as horror and nerd talk go before we pivot to bring you yet another installment of America’s Least Favorite Game Show, ‘NAME THAT RACIST’. And because we love YOU we are … Read more

The Secret of our Sucrets

Happy Halloween!! You know we are about to act up!! On this week’s episode the crew discusses everything from TMZ, corn rows, and Republicans flipping, to Martha Stewart, Vincent Price and Good horror/Bad horror this year. All episodes can be enjoyed on Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, iTunes and YouTube.

Retrograde Part 2

You ever do something and then swear you’ll never do it again? That is BWS trying to run a podcast off of hotel wifi. The funny thing is we went long on both episodes probably because kind of like each other. This picks up where the previous episode left off. Trigger warning! The discussion gets … Read more

Technical Difficulties Episode

What’s long, a little all over the place, and ENDS abruptly due to bad wifi? This episode of Beef, Wine, and Shenanigans! SVP was working the VMAs and while the Westin in Jersey City was a lovely hotel, their Internet was problematic! We got through it somewhat and even went back and recorded a part … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans! First Voyage of The Podcast!

OMG this might be the best episode ever!!! Actually that is hard to judge! But one thing is for sure! The team talks about Universal’s ‘The Last Voyage of The Demeter’ and talking about it was almost as much fun as watching it!Of course, we set aside some time to talk about these evil ass … Read more

What’s Wrong With This Picture!

This week the crew discusses the ongoing debate of DC vs Marvel, Tilda Swinton and Ben Kingsley, real-life villains Eric Adams and Greg Abbott. Our hearts go out to the people of Maui. Full episodes can be enjoyed on our YouTube channel, SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, and iTunes.