It’s A Girl

Denise Tapscott joins the team to announce that she is officially ON THE TEAM! Expect to see Denise with Marc Abbott Kirk A Johnson and Steven Van Patten in every episode moving forward. (Pending work and family emergencies of course.) Discussions Include: Why is there an armored racist in ‘The Peacemaker’ during Black History Month, … Read more

The Remake Massacre Group Therapy

Marc Abbott takes the floor to give us an in-depth look at the sequel to ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then we talk about a movie one of us is actually in. After that, the usual speculative conversation you’d expect from the team. Get a notepad out, the recommendations are coming. Brought to you by Speculative … Read more

Pre Super Bowl Blowout

The team tapes early so we can catch you all before you are too Super Bowl drunk to understand! Denise Tapscott joins once again to keep us Black History fresh! It’s the pregame you didn’t know you wanted but know you need! Hit ‘PLAY’ motherscratcher!

Quick Beef: Rest In Peace Pat Atwell

Yesterday, the BWS family lost a good man. Among many other things, he acted as the MC of the release party for ‘Hell at The Way Station.’ He did so with a class and style that helped make the day so special. But nothing was as special as just hanging with him at the bar. … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans!

Damn, Gina! Somebody tried to kidnap Tisha Campbell! Holy Human Trafficking, Batman!!This is probably the only podcast in the world that is going to cover the aforementioned story and still make time to talk about the new plot holes in ‘Book Of Boba Fett’, so there is NO reason not to tune it!Oh and Denise … Read more

Banned in the USA

The team takes a serious look at how racism is allowed to foster in the US with bans on books and CRT. Then, a much more fun conversation about The Book of Boba Fett and why people can’t just be patient when they know damn good and well these helmeted space hoodlums will eventually bring … Read more

The Connective Tissue

The team marvels over The Eternals and all the good, bad, and the tropey that comes with it. We also a fun walk down cosplay memory lane! We’ll get back to complaining about evil people next week. This is BWS at its most nerdlicious!

F*** Your Diet

Coming in to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of her book ‘F*** Your Diet’ journalist, author, and hilarious stand-up comic Chloe Hilliard joins Marc Abbott, Kirk Johnson, and SVP for an insightful conversation around toxic fandom, toxic politics, and her amazing book. Feel every piece of this!

The Year 2021 Wrap-up Special!

2021 was not a great year, but it was better than 2020! The team is joined by fan fav Denise Tapscott as we recap some pop culture favs and discuss what the nerd world is looking forward to in 2022! If nothing else, you’re definitely going to laugh!