Vanilla Price

We have been away for a bit, (And Kirk gives a great explanation as to why at the end.) But we come back with heat! Dragon Heat! We talk House of Dragons, Dungeons, and Dragons, and then we break down some Marvel and DC analyses that you are sure to love even if you disagree! … Read more

Welcome Back Marc!!

Marc Abbott fills us in on his journey into achievement before we start gushing over House of Dragons! Then after some meager attempts to keep it BLERD, we take an unexpected turn into SPORTS!! You heard it here first! BONUS points for the first person who posts the name of the Frankenstein movie SVP’s joke … Read more

Strangest Things Yet!

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans – Strangest Things – Some ridicule of a certain horrible president brings us to the fictional universes that Netflix provides call ‘Stranger Things’. While we found season 4 entertaining, be warned that its a time suck the quality of which may not be duplicated easily. (We explain that remark). Also, expect … Read more

Hailing All Frequencies

After an obit that was way longer than the team would have liked, (RIP – Nichelle Nichols, Mary Alice, Bill Russel and our closer to home legend, Valjeanne Jeffers) Denise gives some thoughts on Jordan Peele’s latest offering ‘NOPE’. Lots of introspection follows as our listeners get to hear Kirk, Denise and SVP admit things … Read more

What’s In a Name!?

With Marc Abbott still on his quest for an MFA, Denise Tapscott, Kirk Johnson, and Steven Van Patten give their special brand of hot takes on the January 6th hearings as well as Jurassic World Dominion and Netflix’s newest contribution to the Resident Evil franchise. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Well maybe not cry! Get well, … Read more

Middle Finger up to Conservative SCOTUS Judges!

Warning: If you are not Pro-Choice and have no problems with the recent rulings of the Supreme Court then you will definitely want to skip this episode. Beef Wine & Shenanigans is and always will be in favor of a woman’s right to total body autonomy! To paraphrase rapper Craig Mack, you must be trying … Read more

The Dominican Padawan

While Marc Abbott is off world fighting aliens, Kirk A Johnson, Denise Tapscott and Steven Van Patten come together over the ashes of glory to expound on Obi-Wan, The Boys and cinema-related traumas! It’s hilarious and dangerous! It’s BWS, right now!

No to Star Wars Racism, Yes to Gun Control

Marc Abbott Steven Van Patten Kirk A Johnson & Denise Tapscott have a few things in common! One is a deep love of the Star Wars Franchise and a strong dislike of racist fanboys and a lack of gun control. In this latest episode the Beef, Wine and Shenanigans team discusses both with fresh insights … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans!

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans- We Kept It Joyful! Tonight we kept it to the entertainment and kept it cheerful tonight. Next week, I’m sure something will force us to get gloomy again, but tonight, get ready to laugh BWS style! Also, don’t forget to buy some stuff for one of us! Podcasting aint free, you … Read more

The Pro Choicest Episode Ever!!

First of all, give it up for L. Marie Wood for gracing BWS with her award-winning presence! The team got stuck going over the political scene of (the United States of Regression, before getting down to the business on her latest releases, particularly ‘Black Hole.’ Feel like spending some money? All sorts of goodies at … Read more