The Pro Choicest Episode Ever!!

First of all, give it up for L. Marie Wood for gracing BWS with her award-winning presence! The team got stuck going over the political scene of (the United States of Regression, before getting down to the business on her latest releases, particularly ‘Black Hole.’ Feel like spending some money? All sorts of goodies at … Read more

You Must Really Like Us

Well, we were supposed to have a regular old BWS show talking about BWS things. Then, we somehow got on the topic of cancel culture and things literally went off the rails. We thought about editing for time, but then said, ‘You know what? Let everyone get this behind the scenes look at us. That’s … Read more

What do you mean they’re out of COVID?!

his week, Denise Tapscott, Marc Abbott, Kirk A Johnson, and Steven Van Patten put the nerd stuff aside and talk about the current wishy-washy way local and federal politicians are rolling back COVID restrictions and our reservations about it. We also discuss how even though we are dead set against Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we … Read more

Banned in the USA

The team takes a serious look at how racism is allowed to foster in the US with bans on books and CRT. Then, a much more fun conversation about The Book of Boba Fett and why people can’t just be patient when they know damn good and well these helmeted space hoodlums will eventually bring … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Halloween Spooktacular!

What better way to ring in the only holiday that matters to Black Horror Writers than to put on some robes, or face paint and have a laugh while talking the good, the bad, and the godawful that is the Halloween ‘Michael Myers’ franchise. Insightful! That’s the keyword of the day! End your Halloween on … Read more

Those Whose Names Should Not Be Spoken!

The team is once again joined by the wonderful Denise Tapscott for a very special ‘Horrible People We Need To Talk About’ and of course the team’s thoughts on Jordan Peele’s reworking of ‘Candyman’! Suffice it to say, we were all very happy! Just don’t say his name five times! But you can say Beef, … Read more

Episode 52: Nothing Wrong With A Little Head

We lost Kirk, but Taran rejoins for a breakdown of the movie Hereditary, and Taran’s take on various trailers. Plus, a shameless plug for the horror anthology, New York State of Fright.