Season 2: Episode 3

SVP, Marc, and Kirk play defense as they explore what to do in the face of a Clown Apocolypse. Plus, how big of a jerk would you be with Superman’s powers! All of that and more!

Season 2: Episode 2

SVP, Marc and Kirk in part two of their comeback as season two comes to life after a year-long hiatus. The business side of Spider-Man along with many other crazy nerd things are the focus of this hour.

Episode 21: Got Live If You Want It

The BWS Team takes it on the road again– sort of!! We park our butts in Marc Abbott’s favorite local bar, The Waystation at 683 Washington Avenue and hash out the nerd/blerd talk to a small but lively crowd. We take time to celebrate Marc’s recent acting award nominations, talk about the NYS chapter of … Read more