Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Halloween Spooktacular!

What better way to ring in the only holiday that matters to Black Horror Writers than to put on some robes, or face paint and have a laugh while talking the good, the bad, and the godawful that is the Halloween ‘Michael Myers’ franchise. Insightful! That’s the keyword of the day! End your Halloween on … Read more

The French Dude in The Cape!

The team starts off the Halloween season by going old school for a talk about a lesser-known version of ‘Dracula’ a host of other things. Also, we continue the Marvel worship as ‘What If…’ draws to a very dramatic conclusion! More fun that should be legally allowed. Trust us!

Live Evengtue

Your favorite group of shit talkers is back!! Segues abound as they cover the usual number of random topics! Want to laugh? Want to have a good time? Well, as The Rolling Stones once said- Got Live If You Want It!!

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans: The Pandemic Continues

While she may not have liked the homework assignment, YOU are going to LOVE Thalia DeCosta! She brings the BLERD and the SASS! You’re going to enjoy this almost as much as you would love some D&D! Hit PLAY right now!

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Pandemic Season Episode 3

Tired of all those other talk show hosts trying to send your kids to school before the pandemic is over or being mean to their crews? Well, Marc Abbott is probably homeschooling till December and we don’t have a crew to be mean to. We do have a guest. Professional cameraman and uber-nerd Manny Gutierrez … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Pandemic Season Episode 2

Since this Zoom thing is relatively easy, we decided to jump back right into business. Please join as we go from the ridiculous to the very serious. As you all know by now, segues are for kids not the Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Team. On the list of things discussed are, the struggles of pandemic-mania, … Read more

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Pandemic Season Episode 1

We tried to keep it light… and for the first half-hour or so, we did! However, it is a pandemic, so we go kind of serious in the last half of this bad boy. We insist you enjoy it anyway because, hey what’s wrong with three middle-aged black nerds explaining how the country got effed … Read more

Season 2: Episode 4

Look, here is the thing… I know I’m not supposed to post a two hours episode! But I couldn’t help it. We couldn’t help it! Marc Abbott couldn’t help it. Kirk Johnson couldn’t help it.I damn sure couldn’t help it! We made up for the lost time and got a bunch of stuff off our … Read more