Selective Shenanigans!

Today’s thrill ride starts with an in-depth discussion over Netflix’s latest offering which was the live stream of Chris Rock’s comedy special, “Selective Outrage” The team was so caught up they barely left time to talk about PICARD and the brilliant Jon Stewart who skewered an Oklahoma State Senator who is problematic to say the … Read more

Making Sense of Moon Knight

After a brief tribute to Gilbert Gottfried Marc Abbott Denise Tapscott Kirk A Johnson and Steven Van Patten begin to tear into Moon Knight and a few other tidbits of nerd-dom! You don’t want to miss this under any circumstances, especially if you are looking for a laugh and maybe a tear or two.

They Did What To Ryan Coogler?

In this pre-taped episode(some TV lingo for that ass) we discuss the accosting of Black Panther director, Ryan Coogler, who apparently was banking while Black. *Disclaimer: The gun is not real. Looks real. NOT REAL. Same gun used in three episodes of SVP’s The Reluctant Hitman series. If you don’t know what that means, please … Read more

Pre Super Bowl Blowout

The team tapes early so we can catch you all before you are too Super Bowl drunk to understand! Denise Tapscott joins once again to keep us Black History fresh! It’s the pregame you didn’t know you wanted but know you need! Hit ‘PLAY’ motherscratcher!

Beef, Wine & Shenanigans Pandemic Episode #11 Still SDAF

While we do eventually review ‘Da 5 Bloods’ we have to each get some political troubles off of our minds. That’s why we’re not even trying to pretend it’s a comedy episode tonight. We are dead serious for most of it. But if you stick with us, we do discuss Spike Lee’s new joint, gimmicks, … Read more